I was very unlucky when it came to my final exams at college; I had to stay until the very last day of testing to take my Chinese exam. The few weeks leading up to the end of my freshman year at college, I couldn't imagine going home. I knew that I was going to miss the independence that came with being away at school, and, of course, my friends. However as I waited to take my final, my craving for New York became stronger by the second. 

I find it quite odd how quickly your feelings about a place can change. When I first left for college I silently cried in the car, not because I was going to miss Manhattan itself, but because it felt like I was leaving behind a past life. At the end of my first year of college, however, those feelings had changed. It wasn't the life that I was missing necessarily, but the essential essence and presence of New York. Coming home, I felt complete again. I nearly burst into tears as the skyline came into view and all the familiarity fell into place. 

Below are some photos I've gathered after being home for a few weeks, both of the city and details of home. I've been doing a lot of walking (which I never used to do) because for some reason I feel a sense of urgency about being able to see every inch of the city; like someone is going to take it all away from me.