Southeast Asia

Over winter break my family and I boarded a plane at Laguardia Airport and set off onto one of the most amazing trips. Our destination: Southeast Asia. We would visit five countries in total, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Korea (a destination for a layover). 

I knew nothing about the countries we were visiting and as we landed in Phnom Penm, Cambodia I wondered what our trip would be like. I left with a SD card full of photos and a completely new appreciation for the culture and people of the countries we visited. Below are some pictures I took throughout the countries. First up, Cambodia. One of the most striking parts of this place: the gorgeous ancient temples (I lost track of how many we visited).

Next up was Vietnam. We started the trip with a boat ride down Halong Bay, and ended it with food poisoning. 

The highlight of the trip: a hot air balloon ride at sunrise in Myanmar.

I know.

Our last (and brief) stop: Hong Kong. Looking out on the city from the peak, as cheesy as it sounds, honestly felt like a whole other world.

I am so beyond lucky that I was able to go on this incredible trip. There is nothing like entering a completely different culture from your own. I'm still dreaming of incredible pho and the incredible people from this trip. 

Sorry for photo overload. And until next time,