July Favorites

I feel like I throw the word "favorite" around a little too much. It's like anything that I like instantly becomes my new favorite thing. That being said, these are a few things that I have been thoroughly enjoying this month:

1. Canon 5d Mark iii

I have been saving for this camera for as long as I can remember. Up until this point I have been using a Canon Rebel t5i and I used it religiously for almost three years before deciding to upgrade. I traded in my old camera at B&H to pick up the new 5d Mark iii. My heart broke as I left behind my old Canon but it was quickly stitched back together when I picked up this beauty. 

2. Emack and Bolios

This ice cream shop is conveniently located on the Upper East Side and is home to some of the most amazing cones ever to exist. From chocolate dipped to adorned with rice krispie treats, I always have to pick one up whenever I go (which is more often than I should). I'm waiting for the day where I get a free cone after buying ten.

3. Anthropologie Planner

Up until now, my high school has given me a planner every year. Completely clueless on where to even find an attractive planner, I scoured the internet before stumbling on this one from Anthropologie. Now let's be clear--I would normally never spend this much money on a daily planner, because to be honest, $44 is a little bit ridiculous. However, I was won over by the inspirational quotes and the huge amount of space provided for each day that I'll need for college assignments and due dates. 

4. ChloƩ "Lauren" Scallop Ballet Flats

Given to me as a graduation gift, these flats were my first official "designer" shoes. The first time I wore them I gingerly walked around like a penguin so as not to get them dirty. I love the simplicity of the style with the scalloped edge adding just enough to tweak a classic. And if you know me, you know I love a good neutral. 

5. Aqua Allegoria "Pamplelune" Perfume

I picked up this perfume whilst in Paris and have been using it daily. The scent is described as "the spirit of grapefruit with a note of bergamot." It's on the sweeter side but still smells classic and timeless.

Hope you enjoyed this month's favorites! Until next time,